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Works Edited in OEPF

Works already fully edited to digital facsimile in OEPF. Work on the project is ongoing, with estimated completion in 2028.

Inside the OEPF project, to see edited works, digital facsimiles and translations, use the different category folders, or the Index page.

• Total works edited in OEPF: 156

• Total lines edited in OEPF: 9747

• % of poetic corpus edited in OEPF (excluding Beowulf and "Cædmon's Hymn" ): 35%

• % of poetic corpus edited in digital facsimile (OEPF, Beowulf and "Cædmon's Hymn" ): 41.8%

• For Beowulf, see Kevin Kiernan, ed. Electronic Beowulf, 4th Edition (2015): http://ebeowulf.uky.edu/ebeo4.0/

• For "Cædmon's Hymn", see Dan O'Donnell, ed. Cædmon’s Hymn: A Multimedia Study, Edition and Archive (2005, 2018): https://caedmon.seenet.org/

Junius 11:

Christ and Satan

Exeter Book:

Consolation (Homiletic Fragment II)
Fortunes of Mortals
The Riming Poem
The Whale

Exeter Book Riddles (see column three)

Vercelli Book:

Deceit (Homiletic Fragment I)
“Doomsday” (Homily 21a, poetic fragment)
“The Fall of Angels” (Homily 21b, poetic fragment)
The Fates of the Apostles
Soul and Body I

Other Manuscript Verse:

"Aldhelm’s Preface" (CCCC MS 326)
The Battle of Maldon
“Bede’s Colophon” (CCCC MS 41)
"Cædmon's Hymn" [West Saxon]
"Durham" (CUL MS Ff.1.27 and Hickes 1705 printing)
Exhortation to Christian Living (CCCC MS 201)
Judgment Day II (CCCC MS 201)
Judith (BL MS Cotton Vitellius A. xv)
The Kentish Hymn (BL MS Cotton Vespasian D.vi)
Maxims II (BL MS Cotton Tiberius B.i)
The Menologium (BL MS Cotton Tiberius B.i)
"Preface to Gregory's Dialogues" (BL MS Cotton Otho C.i/2)
“Rochester Waters” (Textus Roffensis)
The Rune Poem (Hickes 1705 printing)
Solomon and Saturn I (CCCC MS 41 & CCCC MS 422)
"Summons to Prayer" (CCCC MS 201, pp. 166-67)
"Thureth" (BL MS Cotton Claudius A.iii)
Waldere A & B (Royal Danish Library MS NKS 167 b, 4º)
Object Verse:

Brussels Cross / Reliquary
Carlisle Memorial
Dewsbury Monument
Franks Casket
Great Urswick / “Tunwini” Stone
Honington Runic Clip
Overchurch Memorial
Sutton / “Ædwen” Disc Brooch
Thornhill “Berhtswith” Memorial
Wycliffe Memorial

Micro-Verses (Manuscript):

"Christus Cyning" (BL MS Royal 2.B.v)
"Gyrnað and Gretað" (BL MS Royal 2.B.v)

Old English Chronicle Verse:

The Battle of Brunanburh (937 ABCDG)
"Ælfric and Swein" (1003 CDEF)
"The Capture of the Five Boroughs" (942 ABCDG)
"The Death of Alfred" (1036 CD)
"The Death of Edward" (1065 CD)
"The Expulsion of the Monks" (975 D)
"Margaret and Malcom" (1065 D)
"The Rhyme of King William" (1086 E)
“The Second Death of Edgar” (975 DE)
“The Wedding Conspiracy” (1075 DE)


“Against a Dwarf” (BL MS Harley 585)
“Against a Wen” (BL MS Royal 4.A.xiv)
Charms for Birth (BL MS Harley 585)
“For a Sudden Stitch” (BL MS Harley 585)
“For a Swarm of Bees” (CCCC MS 41)
“For Loss of Cattle” (A) (BL MS Harley 585)
“For Loss of Cattle” (B) (CCCC MS 41)
“For Theft of Cattle” (CCCC MS 41)
“For Unfruitful Land” (BL MS Cotton Caligula A.vii)
“For the Water-Elf Disease” (BL Royal MS 12D. xvii)
“A Journey Charm” (CCCC MS 41)
“The Nine Herbs Charm” (BL MS Harley 585)

Homiletic Verse:

“Doomsday” (Vercelli Homily 21a, poetic fragment)
“The Fall of Angels” (Vercelli Homily 21b, poetic fragment)
Deceit (Homiletic Fragment I) (Vercelli Book)
Consolation (Homiletic Fragment II) (Exeter Book)
Boethian Meters (BL MS Cotton Otho A.vi & Bodleian MS Junius 12, with multi-spectral imaging from the Electronic Boethius Project:

Verse Preface
Meter 1
Meter 2
Meter 3
Meter 4
Meter 5
Meter 6
Meter 7
Meter 8
Meter 9


“The Leiden Riddle” (VLQ MS 106)
Exeter Riddle 1
Exeter Riddle 2
Exeter Riddle 3
Exeter Riddle 4
Exeter Riddle 5
Exeter Riddle 6
Exeter Riddle 7
Exeter Riddle 8
Exeter Riddle 9
Exeter Riddle 10
Exeter Riddle 11
Exeter Riddle 12
Exeter Riddle 13
Exeter Riddle 14
Exeter Riddle 15
Exeter Riddle 16
Exeter Riddle 17
Exeter Riddle 18
Exeter Riddle 19
Exeter Riddle 20
Exeter Riddle 21
Exeter Riddle 22
Exeter Riddle 23
Exeter Riddle 24
Exeter Riddle 25
Exeter Riddle 26
Exeter Riddle 27
Exeter Riddle 28
Exeter Riddle 29
Exeter Riddle 30a/b
Exeter Riddle 31
Exeter Riddle 32
Exeter Riddle 33
Exeter Riddle 34
Exeter Riddle 35
Exeter Riddle 36
Exeter Riddle 37
Exeter Riddle 38
Exeter Riddle 39

Psalmic Verse:

Paris Psalm 51
Paris Psalm 52
Paris Psalm 53
Paris Psalm 54
Paris Psalm 55
Paris Psalm 56
Paris Psalm 57
Paris Psalm 58
Paris Psalm 59
Paris Psalm 60
Paris Psalm 61
Paris Psalm 62
Paris Psalm 63
Paris Psalm 64
Paris Psalm 65
Paris Psalm 66
Paris Psalm 67
Paris Psalm 68
Paris Psalm 69
Paris Psalm 70
Paris Psalm 71
Paris Psalm 72
Paris Psalm 73
Paris Psalm 74
Paris Psalm 75
Paris Psalm 76
Paris Psalm 77
Paris Psalm 78
Paris Psalm 79
Paris Psalm 80
Paris Psalm 81
Paris Psalm 82
Paris Psalm 83
Paris Psalm 84