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Other Digital Facsimile Editions of Old English Poetry

The OEPF includes links to a small number of other digital facsimile editions of Old English poetic verse. With these editions, such as Kevin Kiernan's Electronic Beowulf 4.0 or Dan O'Donnell's Cædmon’s Hymn: A Multimedia Study, Edition and Archive, the OEPF does not need to do the additional work of re-editing these works to digital facsimile, and instead directs readers to take advantage of these other excellent resources.

Beowulf: Kevin Kiernan, ed. Electronic Beowulf, 4th Edition (2015): http://ebeowulf.uky.edu/ebeo4.0

• "Cædmon's Hymn": Dan O'Donnell, ed. Cædmon’s Hymn: A Multimedia Study, Edition and Archive (2005, 2018): https://caedmon.seenet.org/

• "Cædmon's Hymn" (West Saxon versions): Martin Foys, ed. "Cædmon's Hymn": the Seven West Saxon Versions (2019): https://uw.digitalmappa.org/12

• "The Grave": Leah Parker, ed. Digital Grave (2020): https://sims2.digitalmappa.org/12

Additional Digital Facsimile Editions (also edited within OEPF):

•The Vercelli Book Digitale, a digital facsimile edition of the entire Vercelli Book, has been in progress for some years, and has completed the transcriptions of several texts: http://vbd.humnet.unipi.it/

• The Brussels Cross: Martin Foys, ed. Digital Brussels Cross/Reliquary (2018): https://uw.digitalmappa.org/42

• The Franks Casket: Martin Foys, ed. The Franks Casket: a Digital Edition (in progress) (2019-): https://uw.digitalmappa.org/33